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Siobhan Solberg

022: My life is about to change, a lot

That’s it.

Life as I have known it since my mid-20’s is over. 

No, I didn’t get married.

No, I did not have a kid.

I’ve decided to go back to school and that starts today.

It means studying a field I have never had to study. Getting my head back around studying, note taking, writing, challenging thoughts, a thesis, class mates.

You get the picture. 

A somewhat new world for me. But also a very exciting one.

I’m going back to school for a LLM in Data Management, Cybersecurity, and Privacy. 

What a mouthful that is. Won’t be saying that often

Back to school is easier.

Today it all started. Me a 30 others are starting our summer pre reqs before the official start in September. 

No summer vaca for me. Instead I get to learn about computer science and emerging technologies along side a healthy does of EU law. 

This will also mean that I will be reading a lot less. The potential of weekly repeats in the currently reading feature is very high. 

Drop me a message if you have any advice - it’s always welcome and it’s been nearly 20 years since I’ve been in school.

Let the fun begin. I’ll keep you posted to my journey and how I juggle (or not) work with school.

Currently reading:

The ABC’s of EU Law - for school. 

Best short read of the week:

How Threads privacy notice compares to Twitter and others.

Best Privacy read of the week:

This post breaking down the No GA ruling in Sweden. 

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