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Siobhan Solberg


[Redacted] - A Newsletter

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“…Marketing and Privacy are often at odds. Therefore, I think it is great that Siobhan Solberg takes on translating between the two. Her newsletter on everything privacy and marketing is a great read if you want to understand marketing (or if you, as marketing, want to understand privacy)…”

We ask one question of all things privacy, marketing, and data.


There is so much going on out there.



Proposed AI Act.

Data Lakes.

Walled Gardens.



How do you know what you can or can't do at any given moment?

How can you decide what marketing or data project will fly when it comes to legal?

How can we build a solid strategy without understanding the laws that affect it?

We don't have a choice anymore. We need to stay on top of things. We need to understand what is regulating our data.

Join me as I break down everything from cases, regulations, ideas, and new concepts affecting privacy, data protection, marketing, and measurement.

Find out what I sort under WTF or what I add to my FTW swipe file.

Most importantly.

Understand how to make privacy work for you - not against you.

Sounds to legal for you?

It's not 🤓

What others say about the [Redacted]:

Praise for Marketing in the Age of Privacy newsletter.

Copy of praise for the newsletter: "As Siobhan Solberg said in her excellent newsletter, what you do about there decisions depends largely on your organisations' tolerance for risk.".