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Siobhan Solberg



When I write for this site all opinions and views are my own and they are provided to you for information and enjoyment purposes only. They are in no way affiliate with my clients unless stated otherwise.

I do not wish to offend or insult anybody by what I write concerning events, products or services. I’m simply offering an individual opinion on how these affect me or how I experience them.

The information on this site is not legal advice

This website may contain general information based on European, UK and US privacy law. None of it constitutes legal advice. Neither is it intended to provide an exhaustive or detailed statement of the law. No liability whatsoever is accepted by Siobhan Solberg for any action taken in reliance on the information in this website. You should not act or refrain from acting, on the basis of any information posted on our website but rather you should always seek specific legal and other professional advice in your state. This website contains personal opinions as well as more general information and while I do my very best to make sure it is accurate and complete, I do not offer any guarantees, undertakings or warranties in this regard. I do not accept any legal liability or responsibility for the content of the information on this site, or, for any loss or damage caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with reliance on the use of such information.

If anything you read here is inaccurate and warrants correcting, please contact me and I will make changes as necessary.