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Siobhan Solberg

015: A week full of suck

This week sucked. It was nothing to be proud of.

It was also super productive.

(Maybe I should be a bit proud of getting some shit done)

I skipped 5, out of 6, Greek classes this week!!!!!

My husband has this thing he says about me. Something along the lines of “when she decides to do something she goes all in, semi-committed does not exist in her vocabulary”

I think he might be right.

I signed up for a Greek course that was 20 hours a week plus an hour commute each day. Along with running an agency, working as a privacy consultant, and trying to still be a decent dog-mom. 

It think it’s clear - it was way to much.

But I had said I’d do it so I did not skip class and somehow found time to study. Even though I said I would prioritise work and skip class as needed I didn’t. 

I should have. And I really do hope that I learn from this. 

Skipping most of the week gave me the time back that I needed. It allowed me to see how far back I had fallen. It made me face my notes, tasks, and to-do’s that were EVERYWHERE. Desk, desktop, iPhone, bed-side table, kitchen table. Fucking everywhere. 

How did I ever get that disorganised?

Oh well, I’ve collect all those notes now and realised how much work there is to do.

And I managed to hit 3 out of my 4 must to-do’s of the week (it’s been a while this happened).

Lessons learned - don’t take on more than you can handle or learn to semi-commit and give yourself the time you need for your priorities. 

Currently reading:

Ethical Machines by Reid  Blackman - still reading it, almost done and I still think you should: READ IT.

Best short read of the week:

How to ask OpenAI for your personal data to be deleted or not used to train its AIs

Best privacy read of the week:

This post on Privacy vs Security

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