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Siobhan Solberg

013: Back to school, doing nothing, and dream clients

Missed me?

I thought I would - but not really.

No, not you - the writing, the working, the staying on top of everything. I didn’t miss any of that. 

Which is great. I usually have a hard time taking a break. I’m always working or trying to catch up, learning new concepts and laws, or studying for some new certificate - I just don’t know how stop (FOMO?). But this time I did, and it was mind-blowing. 

I did it. I enjoyed Korea. And best of all it gave me the space to come back thinking better and with a new perspective on things. It allowed my head the nothingness it needed. 

But the world did not stop when I did - so things happened, and some major news happened all while I’m taking the time doing nothing. 

(here is my rant on feeling constantly watch and how that puts privacy here in Europe into perspective)

I’m going back to school!!!!!

Remember I mentioned that I was applying for a LLM in Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Management at the University of Maastricht? 

I finally got an answer back, on day 2 of my vacation, that I got in.

Starting September 2023 I’m going to learn, grow, be challenged, and more by my peers and professors and I can’t wait. 

Thankfully it’s a part time degree (2 years of it) so I can still work but I will need to have a think as to by how much I will need to reduce client work or make other adjustments. 

What else? Nothing much really. It’s been a classic first week back at work. You know. Those crazy moments of catching up, meetings, and reading all those newsletters you’ve ignored. 

It was also the first week that I’m officially working with a new client of mine (a dream client!). It’s a challenging project and I’m excited to get pushed out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself to find unique solutions. 

Some other exciting things that I did this week:

Appeared as a guest on the Sustainable Compliance podcast (I’ll push it on LinkedIn once out)

Appeared as a guest on the Privacy Pros podcast (again, I’ll let you know once it’s out)

Got quoted on my ideas around A/B testing and privacy in this PiwikPro blog on best A/B testing alternatives to Google Optimize (which is sunsetting soon)

Currently Reading:

Not much here as I’ve been mostly reading emails but I’m currently finishing up Rapt by Winifred Gallagher . The idea and the content are good although I find it a bit all over the place and feel and hard to read. I’m having a hard time defining the argument or goal of the author which is making it hard. But at the same time I’m still reading it and enjoying it as the ideas are good ones. 

Best Short Reads of the Week:

The A to Z of Artificial Intelligence by Time Magazine

Best Privacy Reads of the Week:

I’m trying to get back up to date so there is a lot of scanning and not much reading. Some things that did stand out where:

This post by Soribel Feliz about AI and Privacy common denominators 

This blog post discussing if the DPDI Bill No 2 definition of Personal Data is not in line with Convention 108

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