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Siobhan Solberg

Weeknote 001

(I’ve been writing weekly reviews, aka week notes, for a few years. Considering a lot of people have been asking anything from how do you balance life and work, career pivots, and how to get into privacy, I’ve decided to make my growth journey public)

It’s been a slow week as most of it was spend trying to breath and hacking up whatever was getting stuck in my chest. The week has been a blur or tea, chicken soup, and netflix. Not much in terms of thoughts but sometimes life goes that way.

Still got some things started (but far from done):

  1. I’ve been toying with the idea to go back to school for an LLM. It’s been a lot of back an forth but I’ve finally pulled the trigger and started my application. Motivational letters are a bitch but I’ll get there. Am really excited how this could affect my thinking and career. 

  2. I need to get this Greek thing down so I’ve committed to taking an intensive language course next month. Only having the basics of any language of the country you live in is not easy - it holds back a lot of opportunities both professional and personal. 

  3. Privacy accelerator started up again - sooooo happy. It works wonders for my motivation and is great review of concepts you think you understood until you realise you didn’t. 

Rant of the week:

Poor Fiona had to hear me rip about how so many courses out there are pure bull shit. Most don't offer anything more than what they already offer for free - it's just packaged to be more accessible. If you would just sit down and take the time to process all the information you take in (yes, that means taking time to think and nothing else) you'd have all the info those guys are packaging without the price tag.

Currently Reading:

Best short form read of the week:

Best privacy related read of the week:

This little argument here is priceless (I’m assuming we already know all about THE decision)

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