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Siobhan Solberg

012: No work on vacation?

The week before going away is always hectic.

It’s as if all those tasks, deadlines, and obligations creep up on you just then - and there is no way you’ll ever get them all done.

But I have left. And that’s it. No work for 2 weeks (this also means no weeknotes for 2 weeks).

The big Q is if that will actually happen….

I doubt it. I say it’s vacation and no work. But does that ever happen? Do I ever take a full break other than on a weekend?


The week itself has been such a blur that I’m not quite sure what I actually got done, and what didn’t get done. I’m ok with that.

I’m choosing not to reflect to much on this past week - for my sanity.

Sometimes that’s what needs to get done. Just let go and choose, consciously, to not reflect on the week. To protect yourself instead.

So here is me trying to take 10 days off and not work. I’ll report back as to what really happened once back.

(Where am I going?


Currently reading:

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