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Siobhan Solberg

011: Waiting, writing, and research

A week of waiting.

Waiting for:

  • an answer from school

  • access to tools from clients

  • new clients to sign off on the last bits

But also a week of getting things done.

Most excitingly is that I finally got this site revamped. I

sn't it pretty?

I'm in love with it. The colours, the font (no, it's not a google font) - everything. Most importantly I'm happy to have a space that I love to share my thoughts and writing on. A space that I feel shows who I am and one that I'm happy to share on.

Writing is not something I'm good at. But it is something that helps me; helps get my thoughts processed.

It's something I want to get better at and getting better takes practice - so I'm trying to write. A lot.

Research is another skill I've been trying to wrap my head around. My ideas and thoughts are only worth so much, I need to get good at researching and reading on other peoples thoughts and ideas to develop mine. Keeping track of all that research is becoming tricker by the day. It's all there but not in a way that is easily useable. I have a feeling a good chunk of the next few weeks will be me trying to re-configure my system.

Next week is my last full week of work before heading out for a bit.

Currently reading:

Still working though my novel (can you believe it - I have not read a single privacy book in 2 weeks!)

Goldfinch by Donna Tratt

Best short read of the week:

Nothing really caught my eye this week - it feels like that everyone is just talking about TikTok.

This post by Tim Wilson was good though.

And this read on non-linear career paths.

Best privacy read of the week:

On EU digital strategy

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