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Siobhan Solberg

032: I'm back

I'm back.

It's the first week I feel like I can say that.

And it's not full on. But close.

It feels good to be back. In a routine of sorts. To study, write, research, work. Best of all is to finally be challenged again - to get my brain going.

A lot has happened but at the same time nothing.

You know those weeks. Those weeks were it seems like you are doing a lot and then at the end you sit there wondering what you actually got done.

Things I'm happy I did do this week:

  • Review the results to my newsletter poll and made adjustments accordingly

  • Finalise the Google Consent V2 newsletter. It's ready to go on Tuesday. (I was going to skip it but it seems that enough people still want it so....)

  • Stuck to my study routine

  • Closed out a major client project

  • Took a whole day to myself and spent it out of the house (this is a biggie)

So maybe it is a lot. Once you write it all down it looks different. Reflection, and hence these Weeknotes, are a blessing when you mind is fucking with you.

Here is to another week ahead of doing more but still finding that balance. It feels like I'm constantly learning how to maintain a balance between work, school, and life. Guess that is what makes it all fun.


Currently Reading

How to Protect Bookstore and Why by Danny Caine

In Memoriam: A Novel by Alice Winn

Best privacy read of the week:

I'm reading a lot about the Privacy Sandbox drama (will probably dedicate a newsletter to it) and these two stood out this week:

Google claps back at IAB criticism of Privacy Sandbox, but adtech leaders remain skeptical

And The Privacy Sandbox strikes back by Ari Paparo

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