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Siobhan Solberg

Weeknote 005

It's been a blur of a week. Barley remember what was done and it seems as if I have been working on one long, undefinable, task.

I get this weeks. I still take in information, read a lot, and get work done but I could not tell you any of what it all was.

It's that time of year where running an agency feels overwhelming. Had to deal with taxes and getting everything set up for the accountant. Also decided to change my tax structure so that is even more paper work.

Start of the year also means that, once I've reviewed my revenues, I make the yearly donation for 1% for the planet - this year it went to the 🐢 turtles of Greece!

The later half of the week I spent mostly on discovery calls, pitching to speak and conferences, and client work. All are fun in their own way.

Discovery calls are probably my favourite as I get to learn about a new company and what makes it tick - and there are always some fun facts about those on the call that make it worth it.

Pitching talks is not not-fun but it's a bit like applying for school or a job - that odd excitement of submitting something you prepared and the anticipation of what will happen next.

Work is work - and I love the challenge or figuring out a solution for each client. This one has been especially tricky as their business model is not something I have encountered before.

Another project I did quite a bit of work on this week is me trying to document and template various data protection processes such as ROPA, DPIA, SAR, and privacy notices (broken into different levels of formality).


Look what arrived this week - can't wait to dig in.

Photograph of The Handbook of Data Science and AI book.

Currently reading:

Understanding Privacy by Daniel Solove

Happening by Annie Ernaux

It's a very short read but one I would highly recommend. There is a realness and rawness to it that I have not encountered much in books.

Best short read of the week:

Two Supreme Court Cases that Could Break the Internet

Best privacy read of the week:

Dismantling the “Black Opticon”: Privacy, Race, Equity, and Online Data-Protection Reform by Anita L Allan

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