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Siobhan Solberg

Weeknote 002

Another uneventful but productive week. I'm not really sure if I prefer the boring, , and nothing else type of week or those super stressful pulling-my-hair-out type of weeks.

Most of my week was studying for my CIPP/E which really means re-reading, questioning, and doubting everything.

Why does your brain do that?

I know this stuff - I've know it a while - but here I go thinking I don't know anything and can't even list the data principals without missing out (and I write and talk about these all the time!).

So yeah, a privacy heavy week and it will be a privacy busy weekend as well. Exam is on Monday so let's hope for the best.

To make the week even more privacy heavy a bunch of decisions and reports were published from Facebook to Cookie Banner Taskforce reports and everything in between. I should start counting the number of pages I read to stay on top of things - it's insane. And I don't even feel on top of it - the moment I get it they go an release another. Go easy guys - we just can't spend our whole day reading. Please just drip feed it instead.

In other news...

Signed another "we need to switch to GA4, yesterday..." client - these are also becoming routine and my guess is that they will increase with time. In March, when Shopify switches over, is when I'm expecting the biggest hit. I should probably prepare for that, but I'm not.

I've also managed to tackle my main goals for the week:

1. Studied - a lot! (no surprise here)

2. Finished my motivational letter my school application

3. Applies for the greek intensive program

It feels good to get those done - I'm soooo bad at getting things done in time.

Good news is that my accountability group (it's just 3 friends who are all building their own biz) is back on track which makes sticking to my goals for the week a lot easier.

Currently Reading:

Understanding Privacy by Daniel J. Solove

(Another book called Understanding Privacy also just arrived in the mail, this one by Heather Burns)

Best Short Read:

The Cookie Banner Taskforce Report.

Why? because it's just a repeat of everything most of us have been saying for ever.

I summed it up this way:

Best Privacy Read:

See above...

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