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Siobhan Solberg

020: Has anyone adequately prepared for this?

Nothing I could have done could have prepared me for this week. 

And I’ve done so much to prepare.

It’s the final shit show before Google forces the switch from UA to GA4. 

I’ve made it clear I’m not doing last minute jobs. I’ve made it clear that if you convince me I will tack on a mega express fee.

And it’s still happening.

I have this one rule - you don’t turn down talking to a referral. 

If a past client refers someone I will always talked to them. It’s how I get more referrals than anything. 

Also, if a past client comes to me - I talk to them and usually do the work.

Those two, referrals and past clients, have overwhelmed me this week in a way I could not have anticipated.

Did no-one read all those emails I sent about need to switch? The ones I’ve sent of the past year?

This week I have had 9 discovery calls.

I’ve agreed help out for a few.

They are all needing to pay mega fees.

All because they choose to push this decision under the rug. 

To top that all off I’ve had a lot of privacy consulting work ramp up - which is great and I love it. Best of all, it’s challenging work that is pushing me and getting me excited. Of course a lot of it is intertwined with marketing which makes it all the more fun. 

Best part, they don’t have that damn July 1st deadline.

Other than that I have had not much time to think. And I’ve taken the weekend to read fiction in the sun, go for 5am runs, bake bread, tend to my garden, and spend time with my dogs. The best prep for a long week ahead.

Currently reading:

The CIPT book from IAPP as I have to sit my exam in September. Dry and dreadful reading but mandatory for the exam. 

The fiction book I’m nearly done with is the same I’ve been for a while (and loving it more and more) - Goldfinch by Dona Tartt.

Best short read of the week:

A blog on the upcoming privacy changes at Appel by Cory Underwood.

Best privacy read of the week:

This post by Jay Averitt on what a technical privacy review is.

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