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Siobhan Solberg

030: Final Weeknote of the Year

Final Weeknote of the year.

And considering how I have not posted on in a few weeks it's more like a month-note.

It's been all over the place and nowhere.

I'm not going to say I was busy. I wasn't.

But it's been hectic nonetheless.

I've had school (nothing new there other than it's now cybersecurity) but not much in terms of work - by choice.

But my heads been spinning out of control. That sort of spinning you get when you know you have a ton of shit you want to get done, none of them are essential, all of them a great-to-haves, but somehow nothing can sit in it's allotted brainslot.

It's shit and extremely tiring.

It happens. I've been extremely blessed to be able to have this happen after I had made a decision to not take on more work until the new year.

So I mopped about, tired, lagging, and overall slouchy. And it's OK. We have it happen at times.

And then, some random day, I woke up needing to run. Full of energy and just needed to go. Rain - I don't care, just go.

Since then I've been back.

I've been training.

I've been working on a new project.

I've been reconsidering how I want to approach this upcoming year.

I've decided on some changes re:work (I'm letting of of my marketing agency!)

And I've honed in on who I love to work with and who not so much.

What great timing my mind had - now I'm all set to head out on holidays fresh and excited for what's coming up.

I don't usually do yearly goals etc but I think this is the year I will. And I'm going to own it. I'm going to just be me and do me and love every moment of it.

Can't wait.

I hope you have a mega holiday season and a rejuvenating start to your new year.


Nothing to list here but I am working on getting you my list of what I'm going to be reading in 2024. A lot of books that are not related to privacy, cyber, or AI and I'm exited to make broader connecting and dip my toes into other stuff every now and then.

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