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Siobhan Solberg

023: Summer Siobhan

Thanks for your concern.

Yes, I skipped a week. Glad you missed me. Validates what I do.

I took a long weekend and promptly got sick. Right on cue.

But still it was a long weekend without work which was exactly what I needed.

Gardening, swimming in the sea, good food, early morning walks. Yes, just what I needed.

But then it was right back to it. This is going to take some getting used to. I used to work 4 days a week (I spent one full day working for myself, does that make sense?) but now I need to figure out how to get all that client work into 2 days.

2 days!!!

Is that even possible?

Maybe I don't really need 3 days to study. Let's hope I'm right and then I can take a day back for work.

And it's really going to be 2.5 days as I'll take one of my off days and work some - I always do so it might as well count.

But for now I'm not going to stress.

I'm going to let summer happen.

Summer just be.

I will cram in as many super early morning work sessions until it's vacation time. And then I'm going to let it all go. Turn on Summer Siobhan.

Summer Siobhan (this is the first year she's not turned on the whole 2 months of summer! only 3 weeks…)

Summer Siobhan doesn’t bother about:

  • her workouts

  • her bedtime

  • if she is being productive

  • reading non-fiction

  • writing

  • posting on social media

  • what she eats

  • what she drinks

…unless she wants to.

Summer Siobhan is mega.

Summer Siobhan is anything she wants to be at the moment.

The other 10 months you ask?

Well, then I get shit done. I'm still 100% me. Me that never really stops and always piles it on to high. But in those 10 months I'm disciplined me and actually get it done.

Currently Reading

Fresh Complaint by Jeffrey Eugenides

Best short read of the week

Jon Jones LinkedIn post on the EU-US adequacy decision.

Best privacy read of the week

Jamal Ahmed’s newly launched book The Easy Peasy Guide to the GDPR

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