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Siobhan Solberg

021: Finally, it's over - or is it just the beginning?

I’m late.

Really late.

It took the weekend off. Got on a boat. Left all devices home.

It was needed after the chaos of last week.

The last minute consultations. The “everything-is-going-to-break-i-don’t-have-ga4” drama.

No preparation could have helped me. And clearly a lot of people totally failed to prepare for the dreaded July 1st.

But we survived. And your business did too. 

You might even have realise that:

  • You don’t even use all that data

  • “Listen to my gut” overrides being data-informed

  • GA is not the only solution out there

Or you freaked out and called me. Glad that’s over with.

But I’m starting to think it’s only the start. 

There will be those who realise that all that data is really not needed. That they don’t need to collect it. They don’t use it anyways. Great.

And then there are those who want their newly found GA4 to look, feel, and taste exactly as Universal Analytics did. Enter the Looker Studio copy cat dashboards.

I’m secretly hoping that people learn from this. Not learn to be more prepared but learn that they don’t need all that data. Think about what data they really need. What data they can action on. 

And while they are at it maybe they will also consider how to better respect users data (i.e more privacy focused). 

(Wishful thinking?)

In other news: I’m trying something new with my newsletter this week. Addressing real pains with real (as in my clients) solutions. Hope you guy like it. 

Currently reading: 

Industry Unbound by Ari Ezra Waldman

Best short read:

Ireland taking steps to protect Big Tech. Always fun when they pull this shit. Is it even  legal?

Best privacy read:

Nothing much this week but check out this post with all the hardcopy books that are privacy, data, and marketing related that I read (or started) this year so far. 

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