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Siobhan Solberg

017: GA4 rant - join the waitlist

The I-need-to-switch-to-GA4-NOW onslaught has continued. 100- fold.

So much that I’m starting to wonder who actually did switch over, to GA4 or to another tool all together, in advanced.

Is there really such a lack of planning? 

It makes me think that all this “we are data driven” bullshit is really that - bullshit. 

I, for one, can’t be bothered. 

Yeah, I get it - just charge a lot and make the money, but no, I’m good. Thanks.

If people have not thought they needed it until now, and they only do because Google is scaring them with all sorts of banners and pop ups, then they don’t really need it. 

They are not making decisions based on their data.

They don’t respect their data.

They don’t do shit with their data other than have it because….well, because someone said they need to make decisions and be data driven.

Those are not who I want to work with - why would I?

It’s an afterthought for them.

And no matter what I do they won’t suddenly use that fancy dashboard. AND they will never be fully happy about the money they paid you to give them something they will never use. 

So that’s that - I have a waitlist. A 6-month waitlist. I’m happy to recommend other freelancers and agencies who are mega great at what they do. Would you like me to recommend them?

Currently reading:

The same as last week - why? I’ve been too busy fighting off all the GA4 requests.

Data Governance: The Definitive Guide - this is mostly to freshen up on things as one of my projects has a data governance policy deliverable.

 A Human Algorithm by Flynn Coleman - exited about this one and looking forward to the AI bookclub discussing with Flynn on this.

Best short read of the week:

Nothing other than this post on LinkedIn. Reverse-engenieerring a keynote.

Best privacy read of the week:

Don’t be fooled by Metas fine for data breach by Johnny Ryan in the Economist 

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