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Siobhan Solberg

016: Is remote really best and the GA4 hustle

I love remote work. 

I have set my whole life up to support it and allow for the flexibility of being wherever I wanted.

(Marrying someone without that flexibility was not in the plan but oh well - love happens)

This week made me appreciate face to face.

I sometimes forget how nice it is to just sit and have a conversation that leads into a meeting. 

Reading body language.

See the focus.

Being fully present. 

Even better I treasure the way it improves every meeting after, regardless if it’s online or not. 

I’ve had a crazy week. Spent most of it in London working with a client. 

A client who I used to go visit as a child and could never get enough - I swear my mom has dragged me out of that place more times than I care to remember. 

Last time I was there I was 16. 

Now I’m 40 and this week I got to meet with some of their teams to discuss how they can shift and optimise their data tech stack to think privacy first while still allowing for growth.

We have a long journey ahead but I love seeing how an institution such as this still has the motivation to move forward and consider everything from privacy and security to growth. 

In other news, the agency email and requests forms are blowing up.

No matter how many warnings have been published by me and everyone else it seems that everyone just clicked that Universal Analytics will be no more and they need to shift to GA4 - stat.

It’s a lot so we made some decisions:

  • clearly state what will and will not get done before UA is done

  • charge an expedite fee on top of the usual project rate

  • only take the clients that we want to work with

It will be a crazy June but I’m still trying, somehow, to find balance so that I don’t burn out in a month.

Currently Reading:

Data Governance: The Definitive Guide - this is mostly to freshen up on things as one of my projects has a data governance policy deliverable.

 A Human Algorithm by Flynn Coleman - exited about this one and looking forward to the AI bookclub discussing with Flynn on this.

Best short read of the week (which is also a privacy read):

Empowered by Consent 

Best privacy read of the week:

Nothing other than the newly passed Washington privacy law (I know, sounds fun)

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