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Siobhan Solberg

014: A week that ran away, and down the rabbit hole

The week got away from me. Not just get away, it ran away. 

It’s as if it never happened.

It started off super positive and productive and then just crashed, or better, I crashed. 

To be clear it was my first full week back since some time off so that might be the reason.

It was also my first week back training and my first week back at school so….just a bit overwhelmed.

The bits I do remember have been good even though I did not get a single thing done that I said I would.

(Have I ever mentioned that I have a weekly meeting with a friend to discuss exactly that? Every Friday we go over how our week went, challenge each others excuses, discuss options forward, and set the top priorities for the following week. It’s priceless and then best meeting I am fully committed to every week.)

I had set out to finish a blog post on Data Minimisation, record (in full) a data privacy for measurement marketing mini course, and finalize my content strategy.

What did I do instead?

Meetings - a lot of them

Got interviewed for a post on privacy and marketing

Created the script for the data privacy course

And talk a lot about how I need the content strategy but didn’t take any action on it.

So a whole lot of something that did not line up with my priorities for the week. Not great. But it happens. 

It also feels a lot like a week where I took a lot of passive action instead of active action. Not great as there needs be a balance.

The most passive action I took? Get sucked into the rabbit hole of ad tech, privacy, and all the new „solutions“. I had to do the research as I wanted to write on it for my newsletter but instead I just kept crawling deeper and deeper and never put any of my thoughts into words. The result was an email saying I’m down the rabbit hole and that once I find my way back I’ll send out what I actually learned - not super valuable, I know. 

In other news, check out this episode of Sustainable Compliance where Jacob Høedt Larse and I discuss how marketing and privacy should, and could, create a productive relationship to allow for more company growth.

Currently reading:

Ethical Machines by Reid  Blackman - just about half way through and all I can say is: READ IT.

Best short read of the week:

A great post by Steen about the value of data and my continuation on his thoughts. 

Fighting for cognitive liberty

Best privacy read of the week:

Good practice initiative for cookie banner consent management

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