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Siobhan Solberg

008: Processes and Time Management

(I'm trying to be gentle with myself so from now on weeknotes will be published on Fridays or Saturdays.)

This week was all about processes (or the lack thereof), finalising a big data project, time management.


Running an agency and consulting work is all about processes - and I don't have them. Well, I do but they are in my head, not really the greatest place for them to live but it's been ok until now. This week it really hit home that processes don't help much when you are the one that owns them. It creates bottle necks and adds a ton more stress.

So I've started the mega project of jotting down all my processes. Reworking them and realising that they are living, constantly evolving, documents.

I've enjoyed it and I can already see how much simpler it all will become in the future.

Finalising Projects

A large data consulting project is coming to a close. It's a fun time as you can look back on all that was done and start documenting the final summaries and tables to enable the client to own the stack and funnel from now on. I love this bit - it's the part I get to share knowledge and empower my clients.

This clients specifically has been amazing to work with. Mostly because they had great questions and pushed me to improve my final deliverables tenfold by asking those questions. Not only am I walking away with a happy client, I'm walking away with having improved my services and a better understanding on how to make my deliverables work even better for the client in the future.

Time Management

Oh my, this is going to be a longer and harder project that I expected. Mostly due to LinkedIn and Twitter. I scroll forever - all under the pretence that I'm learning more (haha).
There have been improvements with time blocking and getting work done but there is so much more to figure out.

Most importantly, I realised I need to figure out my balance between staying up to date with marketing and privacy changes, client work, admin, project management, personal brand work, and my personal live.

I'll get there but this is definitely still a work in progress. This upcoming weeks major focus will be not wasting to much time on social and being more efficient when it comes to engaging with my network (aka not getting distracted all the time by scrolling).

Currently Reading

The Fight for Privacy by Danielle Citron - I'm only half way through and all I can say is WOW

Best Short Read of the Week

Coded Resistance, the Comic!

OpenAI has grand ‘plans’ for AGI. Here’s another way to read its manifesto

Best Privacy Read of the Week

Time to Rethink the GDPR (guidelines)?

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