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Siobhan Solberg

007: Constraints and how they mess with your head

Only a week has gone by? It feels like a month.

It's the first week for me with a crazy schedule. But it's done me good.

The limitations on my time have allowed my head to value the time I have a lot more - so I actually got more done that I would usually with 2x the amount of time!

Funny how that works.

Time constraints is something that has always worked for me but it's hard to implement unless I really have a constraint. Time blocking, saying I'll go to the gym or walk the dogs. None of it ever worked. I've got the discipline to sit down at my computer and work (or pretend to work) but that is it. My brain knows when I'm trying to trick it with time blocking, fake events, and moveable tasks.

Real events it's totally cool with.

Having added 15h of Greek lessons has deleted 20h of work time from my schedule, including the commute. 20 HOURS!

And in the 15h a week that I am working at the moment I'm getting more done than the 35h I used to.

It makes no sense but it's working.

Not sure what I'll do after Greek is done but I'll need to find another real constraint.

But with all the craziness - and really working when working, I have no idea what I did other than what I have in my notes. But it's not because I did not do things. It's because I did.

One thing that did come up this week, again, is how to deal with clients who are really late on allowing access to what you need. Do I trigger the pause clause? Do I wait it out?

I applied some pressure - mentioned the delay and how it will affect the deliverable but it's not working.

Also, make sure to check out the LinkedIn Live I did with 5 amazing women in the privacy field called Women Advancing Privacy. If nothing else go follow these ladies - they are top minds in privacy and have really valuable content.

Currently reading:

Still reading the Joy of Living

Have but this one (Understanding Privacy) back on the shelve as I don't have the head for it now - will get to it in the summer.

Best short read of the week:

Enjoyed this read on why UX needs to start working with others. I think that most should work across departments instead of in silos but it's nice to have someone write on it specifically from the perspective of one field and the relevant arguments.

And this LinkedIn post on the release of Privacy Sandbox on Android and it's key concepts. Check out those slides!!!

Best privacy read of the week:

This not-so-recent article came up again and it's a great read about where privacy fits, and not.

I also love this article on How to read EU regulation (they do one for CJEU cases as well).

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