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Siobhan Solberg

Weeknote 004

What a long week.

What an amazing week.

I got to spend most of my week at Superweek - the Beyonce of analytics conferences. The amount of sharp minds there is awe inducing.

Not only did I get to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and hear about great ideas - I also got to present some of my ideas.

I gave a presentation on How to Rethink Data Protection, spoke on The Future of Analytics, and discuss (in an interview setting) in Data and Ethics.

I've also learned soooo much.

Giving a new presentation was nerve racking as it's been years since doing any live conferences - it reminded me that I always overthink it and put way to many notes into my talk which I then ignore as I prefer interacting with the audience instead of looking at my screen. Problem with that is that I forgot to mention a bunch of things I wanted to.

I will need to remember that I just need to get a lot more comfortable with the presentation so that I don't need to rely on notes so much.

Of course the interview type discussions went well - they aren't scripted and I strive in those situations.

It seems like I did so little this week - just Superweek. But that would be a disservice to such a phenomenal conference. A week in the countryside of Hungary with the amazing minds you find in the data and analytics community is priceless. Not only is it a lot of fun (maybe even too much fun) but you walk away with better ideas, new ideas, and the challenge to rethink old ideas.

Siobhan talking at Superweek.

Currently reading:

Understanding Privacy by Daniel Solove

Practical Synthetic Data Generation by El Emam, Mosquera, and Hoptroff

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Best short read of the week:

How hard should I push myself? by Dan Shipper

Best privacy read of the week:

Murky Consent by Daniel Solove

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