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Siobhan Solberg

Weeknote 003

It's been a week.

A week to be grateful for. A week of a lot of change. A week of ups and downs.

Most importantly, a week of growth - and a lot of it.

I passed my CIPP/E on Monday.

What a relief but it also raised so many questions around why such an exam helps, or not.

I can't stop thinking that it's more and exercise in test taking and deciphering badly written questions (I feel for those who have to take this when english is their second language) than my understanding of the GDPR.

How did passing an exam focusing on random memorization of some article along with the history of data privacy help me further as a privacy professional?

Hence only relieve - no real excitement. The thrill that I get in growing as a privacy pro happens within my community and in my mastermind sessions. This is where we discuss and learn about how to apply elements of the GDPR, how rulings have an effect on the future of data protection, how to work with people to further understanding and champion growth.

So, yeah, not a huge fan of exams but they serve their purpose - they at least enforces some sort of standard.

But that was only Monday. Like I said - a full week.

I've spend the rest of the week traveling and working with a client consulting on data flows and management. It reminded me that, although it is energy draining, I've missed in person meetings and the interactions with everyone within my clients teams.

Never have I joined clients on an off-site or meeting where I have not walked away with more than I walked in. I always learn something new, make a new connection, get pushed out of my comfort zone and ultimately grow just a little bit.

I'm now looking forward to taking everything I collected and learned in the past dew days and making some sense out of it all to help my client grow and build their venture more efficiently.

In other news I have managed to:

- send out another edition of Sporadic Ramblings (it's been living up to it's name but I need to get more consistent with it)

- submitted my advanced masters application; now it's time to sit and wait

Random learning of the week:

I'm soooo much more productive in airport lounges and random coffee shops. It's like those are the only places I don't get distracted. In my home office there is always something better to do. Lounges and coffee shops it seems there is not.

Currently Reading:

(just finished)

The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer - interesting read although lacking substance a bit

(still working on)

Understanding Privacy by Daniel Solove

(working on for a good 6 months already)

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Best short read of the week:

AI Gonvernance in the time of generative AI

Best privacy read of the week:

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